May 2004 Sincerely Sire Newsletter

Roe Goes Photorejuvenation

There's a reason Roe's been wearing a hat lately: No sun allowed on the face due to her, still in progress, Photorejuvenation.

Thatís right folks, I said Photorejuvenation. You see, Roe has been wanting a new face for quite some time now, especially since she turned Ö Oh no, Iím not about to tell you Roeís age, that could get me into real trouble. But I will say this, if you add the digits in her age together, it equals ten, and the digits are the same, okay?

So, anyway, Roe has been wanting this new face for a while now, even though I have told her repeatedly that I liked her old face, the one with the character in it, you know, the cheap face. But, as usual, she didnít listen to me and went straight to the face guy in Newport Beach as soon as she heard about the procedure. Then she went and found a cheaper face guy in Westminster. She didnít tell me at first what she was up to because she knew I would gripe about the cost, which I did. But it was to no avail. Once she makes her face up, I mean her mind up, itís just a matter time before I cave in, which I did.

So the next day she comes home from the Rejuv shop with brown spots and red splotches all over her face. ďHey, that worked great,Ē I said. ďAll done?Ē

My wisecracks didnít bother her though. To the contrary, she was proud of her laser face, her red badge of courage, and went on several appointments proudly showing it off.

To this day I donít know how much it really cost. She makes it a point to keep me off balance and disoriented when it comes to such things. I do know it was way less than the cost of a new house Ö but seriously, for any of you ladies that might be interested, it really wasnít too bad, around eight hundred dollars? for four or five treatments, unless Roe has been totally deceiving me which is quite possible.

I will say this. It has worked really well for Roe, and there is virtually no downtime. Her face looks great and she is happy. And if sheís happy, Iím happy.

So, ladies, if you want to know more, call Roe. Sheíll tell you where to go, and how much it really cost. Heck, if youíre lucky, she might even come over and show you her face!

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