April 1977 Sincerely Sire Newsletter

Scarlett Sire

Scarlett is now thirteen months old and will be fourteen months old on March 30.  She is growing many additional teeth and is learning how to really tear things apart.  She has learned how to unzipper her pajamas which isn't so bad except that once she has accomplished this great feat the next thing she does is take off her diaper and the next thing she does is not really printable. 

She had her first mouth full of dirt the other day while playing in the backyard.  She laughs a great deal which is very nice.  She's gained a pound or two but is still a flyweight. She is getting even more beautiful everyday although my wife said it's too bad she has my nose.  Her hair is getting curly which is good I guess.  She has learned how to close her mouth when she kisses and kind of hums when she does so.  I bought a juicer the other day and made a whole bunch of carrot juice.  I drank a big glass and so did Scarlett.  She broke out in such a bad rash a few hours later that we had to stay home from the show just to take care of her hind quarters.  No more carrot juice. 

If we don't get her immediately in the morning when she wakes up she will remove her sleeper and pick her disposable diaper to bits and spread the pieces all over her crib and floor.  She is very friendly and loves other people although the egg beater scares her to death and makes her cry.  She likes yogurt.  She had her first ride on a carousel the other day and was very brave.  She screamed and laughed all the way 'round.  She loves Freddy-Teddy, her teddy bear.  She loves her "soft" blanket.  When she gets sleepy she puts the two fingers closest to her pinky in her mouth and gets fussy.  She also likes to chew on cigars.

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