February 1990 Sincerely Sire Newsletter




Yesterday morning Roe (short for Rosemarie) and I were upstairs, sitting

comfortably in bed, reading the paper. As usual she was drinking her

first of four, very strong cups of coffee, and I, as usual, was drinking

a large mug of orange herbal tea.


The early morning is the best time of day for me, because I love to read

the paper. I devour it. Forget bacon and eggs, I eat the newspaper.

First the sports section, then the business section, then the world news,

then the Orange County news, then the view section, then the

entertainment section, and for dessert, the funnies.


Roe loves to read the paper too, however, she concentrates on another

more esoteric section - - the ad section. Whereas I read the entire

paper and can't recall a single ad, she reads the entire paper and can't

recall a single piece of news. As a matter of fact, next time you see

her, you might want to tell her about the Berlin Wall, Panama, and our

"new" leader, President Bush.


So anyway, this particular morning as I was reading about the possible

reunification of East and West Germany, Roe bolted upright in bed and

snapped her section of the paper wide open. "What!" I said. "What!?" (I

don't like being bugged when I'm reading the paper.)


"Take a look at this!" she said, pointing to her paper. I leaned over,

concerned that I had missed some big news. Well, I could see right away

that I had missed something big, really big. There it was, large as life

itself. . TWO POTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE - Buy one pot, get one pot free!


After I'd caught my breath and calmed down, I told her we really didn't

need any more pots. But she said, "No honey, I'm not kidding, I've been

looking for a Pot Sale." She was so excited, I wondered if she'd been

waiting since birth, or just the fifteen years that we'd been married.


I'm not exaggerating when I say that she dragged me off the bed by my

ankles, to get me into the car, and down to Robinsons at Newport Fashion

Island where the historic sale was taking place.


As we pulled into the parking lot, all I could see were cars, thousands of

cars. "Are all these people here for the Pot Sale?" I asked



"I don't know," she answered, as she stuck her foot out the door of the

still moving car and skipped it along the pavement, "but I sure hope

there are some pots left!"


Once inside, she found her way directly to the house wares department,

without asking for directions. ("Roe knows shopping malls.")


She had me thinking now, two pots for one, there must be a gimmick.

We walked over to the pot display and we each picked up a pot. I turned

mine over and found the price. I was sure I had found the fly in the

ointment. "Hey, look at this." I whispered to Roe. "This pot cost a

hundred dollars. What kind of a sale is this?!"


But alas, I was wrong. The salesperson was quick to point out that I had

the wrong pot. The pots that were on sale were only $29.99. So we got

two pots for only thirty bucks.


You should have seen her as she walked out of that store carrying her bag

of pots. You'd have thought she'd just stolen the crown jewels. The

last time I'd seen that look was back in '74 right after I'd said "I do."


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