February 1976 Sincerely Sire Newsletter




I'm sorry I'm a little late with this newsletter, but I have been busy.

My daughter has been born and she is a beauty. She entered life at

6:46am Friday, January 30, 1976. Weight 7lbs 14oz. I haven't had time

to write this newsletter because Scarlett has kept me up all night almost

every night. I am an extremely light sleeper and whenever she burps I

leap from my bed to see if she's ok. The first night we brought her home

was quite an experience. We used 15 disposable diapers, 17 regular

diapers (just for wiping stuff up), all our receiving blankets (three),

all of her little pull over shirts (two), and about thirty disposable

washcloths. I also had to wash my hands and arms several times due to

leakage and spillovers. You see, it was doubly difficult for me because

due to complications, Rosemarie had to have a caesarean section so I had

to do all of this by myself.


Something else about my daughter, I think she is going to have expensive

tastes, at least she sure started out that way. In fact the way I figure

it she cost me $20.63 an ounce, or $330.08 a pound - just to drop in on

us. Oh well, what can I say? Even I couldn't have made her, not for

five million dollars a pound. It is worth it? I'm definitely not in the

market for a refund, even though I don't sleep anymore. This baby of

mine, she's got a lot of stamina, she stays up all night. Me and Cal

Worthington are gettin' to be good buddies. It is difficult to function

without sleep. I am really astounded at how much time it takes to care

for a baby. It is the most demanding work I have ever done. I am

ecstatic that Rosemarie is healthy now and able to take care of Scarlett.

Now I can relax and go to good old "work." 


Never again will I ask the mother of one, let alone two, three or more 

children the great stupid question. Never again will I look that mother 

in the eye and ask - -"Do you work?" Is a blue bird blue? Does a fish 

swim? Does a woodpecker peck?


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