October 1979 Sincerely Sire Newsletter

The Black Shoes

The other day my wife took Scarlett, our 3 1/2-year-old daughter, out to get her first pair of shoes for her first day of preschool.  (It seems quite a few months ago Scarlett had spotted a pair of black shoes and ever since had been asking for her "Black Shoes."  Under great duress Mommy had promised her a pair of new black shoes for preschool.)  

Scarlett was really excited - - - every time she'd see a pair of shoes in one of those advertisers she'd say, "Are these like my black shoes I'm gonna get for preschool?"  This kid of mine had black shoes on the brain.  Well, anyway, my wife finally took her to get her black shoes.  Scarlett was in her ecstasy.  She immediately spotted the black shoes for her.  She rushed over and clutched them to her chest like a long lost friend.  These were the shiny type black shoes and old Scarlett wouldn't let go of them for nothin'!  My wife tried to talk her into several other pair of black shoes that cost about half as much, but to no avail.  Scarlett had to have the most expensive pair of 3 1/2 black shoes in the store.  Twenty-one dollars worth and this was one of those big "discount" department stores. 

Well, Scarlett got her shiny black shoes and at first when I heard how much they cost I protested like crazy.  But when I saw how nuts Scarlett was for those shoes, forget it, I think I would have paid fifty bucks for them.  One night before I put her to bed she went over to the shelf they were on, gently stroked them and gave them each a kiss goodnight.  The next morning at 7 a.m. she came into our bedroom with nothing on but her underwear, a huge smile, and her shiny black shoes. 

I never knew how happy, how absolutely incredibly happy you could make a human being with a pair of black shoes - - - and for only twenty-one dollars!  You know, come to think of it, those black shoes are just about the best deal I ever made on anything - - - and if you don't believe me, just ask Scarlett.

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